Green Bay

This dive site is excellent for Beginners & Certified divers. We use this beautiful dive site for our ever popular Discover Scuba Diving Experience. Not dived in a while? This is the place for you; everything about the site makes it ideal in every way.

It has an Easy Entry & Exit Point and a maximum depth of 10 metres. During every dive we visit the very popular Fish Rock just a few metres from the bay. Fish Rock is a haven for fish of many varieties including:

Ornate Wrasses, Rainbow Wrasses, Zebra Breams, Two Banded Breams, Damsel Fish, Small Barracuda & many more.

Search the rocks for Octopus, and visit the Statues, this really is a fantastic place to dive. If you’re into history then search for the Ancient Greek Anchor, and take some photos of the broken pots from centuries past.
Maximum Depth: 10 Metres

The Blue Hole

What a lovely dive the blue hole is, everything you want from a dive. After navigating the picturesque shallow reef you find yourself in a beautiful valley falling away to 5m.

On the other side you will come to your first swim through where you are likely to see Squirrel fish, damsel fish and maybe even the resident grouper. After exiting this swim through you will come back over the swim through and enjoy the cascading bubbles that are finding their way to the surface.

Back in the valley you will head towards your second swim through passing by a lovely rock formation that if you use your imagination can resemble, as some say, E.T. Rock or The Millennium Falcon, but you can make your own mind up.

After swim through two you have a short swim across the planes to the hole itself, you will drop down a channel from 11m to the short swim through at 18m, before exiting you will pause to take in the beauty and realise why this is called the blue hole. From here you will start your slow ascent over the sea grass finding yourself at some abandoned fishing nets, just passed these nets you will pause to look at the big family of Squirrel fish who reside underneath ‘mushroom rock’, don’t forget to give them a little wave as you pass, you are on your way back now looking out for the varied fish life this dive offers.
Maximum Depth: 24 Metres

The Caves & Tunnels

One of the best dive sites by far, not just our opinion but that of our returning customers each year. Situated in the un-spoilt National Park of Cape Greco the Caves & Tunnel dive site is stunning. As you make your way to the entry point and look into the crystal clear waters the smile on your face can only grow over the next 40-60 minutes.

We head off in a southerly direction making our way through a gulley of lava rock, when after a few metres we’re looking down on some fantastic rock formations. The rocks open into a sandy runway where Moray Eels and small Ray can be found. After 50-60 metres you rise up over the sandy runway and bear right to the Cyprus Cave, a fantastic tunnel that’s light and crystal clear. We pause at the end to take in the amazing shape of the exit, the shape of Cyprus. You Will Be Amazed.

We exit the tunnel onto a sandy plateau and search the rocks for Octopus, we then take you over the Cyprus Cave where you see your air bubbles seeping through the rocks, another amazing site. Down we go through a large hole back into the tunnel, out through into a rock garden that leads us to the Horse Shoe cave. Slipper Lobster have been seen hiding in the rocks.

As we exit this amazing tunnel, we head back along the sandy runway to the exit point, but the fun doesn’t stop here, after a safety stop we enter the final cave and exit if the conditions allow through the blow hole. A truly fantastic dive.
Maximum Depth 12 Metres

The Chapel 1

A set of steps set in the rocks lead you down to the entry point, on your right is a cave, which many years ago was the Chapel, in recent years a new Chapel has been built above looking over Konos Bay.

A giant stride entry takes you into 8 metres of water, and drops quickly to 20 metres then flattens out then drops slowly down. We bear round to the left into the bay where the water shallows out to 5 metres, clearly visible are large amounts of amphora.
Maximum depth 30-40 Metres

The Chapel 2

We use the same entry point but diving straight out along the Wall on the right side into the open sea. At the beginning of the dive we stay rather shallow, in about 12 Metres depth. We dive over large sea grass areas until we come to the point where the stony hill meets the sea grass at a depth of 28 to 29 Metres. A real range of colours paint a lovely picture in the sea. Many colourful sponges, rock roses and anemones can be seen along the rocky edge. An excellent dive site. On the way back we dive into shallower waters, passing sandy depressions and crevices. A good site for foraging in the rocks.
Maximum Depth 30 Metres

The Canyon

A brilliant Wall Dive with some smaller caverns. Maximum depth is 18 Metres with a sandy bottom which is very often covered with hundreds of cone shells. In addition you may see Moray Eels, big Sea Stars in the sand, Groupers, Soldier and Damselfishes. There have also been regular sightings of Rays. This is a magnificent dive site especially early morning.
The entry point is not one of the easiest.
Maximum depth 18 Metres

The Cliffs

A short walk down the slope to the entry point, a nice gentle roll back entry into the water. The Cliffs is an ideal dive site for all levels of diver training, and is also an excellent dive site for certified divers.

After a short surface swim of about 10 metres, you descend down to a rock plateau and make your way to the top of the sandy runway which slopes gently into deeper water. We pause and look over the wall to the beautiful sea grasses 9 metres below.

The Cliffs is a great location for the Digital Underwater Photography Speciality. We glide over various rock formations to Jump off Rock, where you can sky dive down to 18 metres. We then follow where the sea grass mets the rocks around to the Ski Slope, a bank of sand set between the sea grass that descends down to 40 metres. Here we start to return to the shore line and shallower waters which brings us to The Wall a stunning array of colours when struck by the rays of the sun. We follow The Wall back at around 10-12 metres to the exit point, hopefully during May & June you will see large shoals of young Barracudas.
Maximum depth 40 metres

The Cliffs 2

Entry and exit are the same as The Cliffs, then we descend over the drop off to the sea grasses below at 9 metres and descend down to 20 metres.
In the sandy patches you can find Sand Dollars.  This area is an ideal location to find Green Turtles and Moray Eels who love the sandy location. A dive site that suits not only the Beginner but the more advanced diver to.
Maximum depth 20 metres

Monte Carlo Bay

The large Radio Antennas give this dive site its name, they are French owned hence the name Monte Carlo Bay. In just a couple of steps, you are in the water standing on a rock plateau; it can be a bit slippery so watch your footing.

Depth at the entry point is about 2 metres and the bottom consists of large round rocks. We follow the rocks to 13 metres where we find the sand and some small Rays. From here we head following the shore on our right, after a while we turn back, the way back is full of small crevices and caves, and a lovely cavern to swim through.
Maximum depth 14 metres

De-Costa Bay

A very easy shore entry from one side of the bay and another entry point takes you over a rocky plateau known as De-Costa Bay 2 or Butterfly Bay due to the Flying Gurnards found here.
This is a nice shallow dive with a maximum depth of 10 to 12 Metres and a great site for feeding the fish. Statues and pillars have been placed in this bay making it an interesting dive. Also a great site for training dives.
Maximum depth 12 metres

The Zenobia

This is amongst the top ten wreck dives in the world. Roll on roll off Swedish flag vessel M/V Zenobia is 175m long and is lying at a depth of 42m.

Zenobia sunk in 1980 during her maiden trip to East Mediterranean ports. She is fully loaded with Volvo trucks and trailers, and other general cargo items. The lifeboats are still in position.

It is a very popular dive spot so you need to plan and book this dive in advance.
The dive is a 2 dive package we leave early morning and return around 15:00 hours.

Maximum depth 42 metres